Flowers of March

  Flowers Growing in Places with Lots of Sun: Annual – Mango (Rabies) , Cornflower , Energetic Flower , Calliopsis , Hospice , Flush Flower , Marigold Flower , Latin Flower , Itirshahi , Zinnia Flower Perennial – Pink-White Carnation, Bellflower, Blue Needle Flower, Iberian (Hunkarbegendi), Carnation, Cottage Pinks, Chamomile, Lavender, Wolf Flower, Wind Flower, Rose, White Cone Flower, Yarrow Herbs – Sheep Grass (Spoongrass-Red Leaf), Apple Mint, Cardamom, Chamomile (Oxeye), Chives, Coriander, Dill, Rock Nettle (Dog Grass), Pear Mint, Laurel, Tarragon Grass, Mountain Thyme Cover plants – White Flowering Moss, Blue Bugle, Blue Juniper, Medlar, Climbing Flameflower, Crown Buckthorn , Climbing Red Rock Grove, White Bird Grass , Velvet Grass Bulbous Flowers – Crocus, Daffodil, Gladiolus, Hyacinth, Iris, Lily, Tulip

Flowers of February

  Roses: If cut roses are well cared for, their lifespan can be doubled. To double the vase life of roses, water them liberally! If roses are placed in foam, make sure the inside of the foam is always wet. Avoid using household or industrial water filtration devices, as the salts will cause the flower to wilt prematurely. Air bubbles and bacteria clog the stem of the flower and prevent water from reaching the flower. This causes the flower to bend its neck. By cutting the stem ends of the roses under water, you will both clear the clogged parts and prevent the clogging from progressing. The leaves remaining in the water will rot and create an environment that will allow the growth of bacteria that cause clogging of the stems. If the flower water starts to become cloudy, replace the water with clean water with a flower protection supplement. The preservative has three main benefits; It prevents the proliferation of bacteria, reduces the PH value of the water, facilitates the flow of

Flowers of January

  Flowers Growing in Shady Areas: Annual – Amethyst Blossom, Blue-Eyed Baby, Rosewood, Coleus, Tobacco Flower, Forget-Me-Not Flower, Glass Beauty, Lobelia, Monkey Blossom, Pansy, Patience Tree, Begonia Perennial - Astilbe, Wallflower , Haseki Earring, Crane Beak, Fuchsia (Earring Flower) , Bergenia with Heart Leaves , Hosta , Jacob's Ladder, Shepherd's Wand , Lion's Claw, Flame Flower (Phlox), Red Tortoise Head Herbs – Angelica , Catnip , Black Parsley , Radica , Foxglove , Ginseng , Hyssop Grass , Lemongrass , Mint , Parsley , Rosemary (Birdwood) Cover plants – Marsh Ivy , Ajuga (Bugle) , Dusty Miller , evergreen Periwinkle , Fern , Ballıbaba , Pachysandra , Gray Honeybaba Shrubs - Azalea, Boxwood, Camellia, Clematis (Forest Vine), Fothergilla, Holly, Hydrangea, Yew